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Alternativ - FAX-RMA

Please note

The package must be sent "free" to our delivery address

  • To carry out a warranty repair, we definitely need the end customer purchase receipt
  • Please indicate billing or delivery note number with which the goods were purchased from us.
  • We do not recognize debit notes for repaired goods.
  • The average repair time is 15 working days, but the repair time may be longer depending on the manufacturer.
  •  If a user error or no error is detected, a lump sum of 25 € / net per article will be charged.
  •  Data z. B on hard drives or USB sticks must be backed up by you in advance, because we can not be held responsible.

In the following, our RMA (return material authorization) procedure is explained in detail. With the completeness of your information you help us with the quick completion of your order. This can then be done without delay by possibly necessary queries.

  1. Please complete our RMA form (in block letters) completely
  2. "No function" and "defect" are not an error description.
  3. Send email to
  4. We will send a email you a one-time valid return slip within 24 hours, on which the RMA number is noted, too.
  5. The RMA number is valid for a maximum of 14 days.
  6. You will receive the return slip with your return by email
  7. Attach the RMA number clearly visible on the shipping carton.
  8. Do not label the original packaging of the product with the RMA number.
  9. In order to avoid transport damages the goods must be sufficiently packed.
  10. The package must be sent "free" to our delivery address. "Unfree" packages will not be accepted.
  11. Returns without RMA number will not be accepted.
  12. Information on goods already sent can be obtained from email:


RMA-Formular (FAX)
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